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Level Zero - 0 - Beginners Level

Eligibility: If you are a real beginner i.e. you do not know Arabic alphabet at all, or you know some of the alphabet but you can not read and write simple words.

Objective: To teach you  the Arabic Alphabet, difficult phonetics beside the transliteration to help you compose simple Arabic words, as well as few introductory information of Arabic grammar.

Level 0 - Course Material Downloads:

Arabic fonts for Non-Arabic Operating Systems
Work-sheets for writing the Arabic Alphabet
Download all L0 PowerPoint files Download all L0 PDF files
Class One Presentation Class One PDF Version
Class Two Presentation Class Two PDF Version
Class Three Presentation Class Three PDF Version
Class Four Presentation Class Four PDF Version
Class Five Presentation Class Five PDF Version
Class Six Presentation Class Six PDF Version
Class Seven Presentation Class Seven PDF Version
Class Eight Presentation Class Eight PDF Version
Class Nine Presentation Class Nine PDF Version
Class Ten Presentation Class Ten PDF Version
Class Eleven Presentation Class Eleven PDF Version
Class Twelve Presentation Class Twelve PDF Version
Class Thirteen Presentation Class Thirteen PDF Version
Class Fourteen Presentation Class Fourteen PDF Version
Class Fifteen Presentation Class Fifteen PDF Version
Class Sixteen Presentation Class Sixteen PDF Version
Class Seventeen Presentation Class Seventeen PDF Version
Class Eighteen Presentation Class Eighteen PDF Version
Class Nineteen Presentation Class Nineteen PDF Version

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