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Arabic Language


Level Zero - 0

Beginners Level:

Covers  the Arabic Alphabet, difficult phonetics, simple vocabulary Arabic words. As well as few introductory information of the Arabic grammar……Learn More


Level One - 1

Intermediate Level:

Covers  basic / essential grammatical rules & analyses for Arabic learner’s application. In addition to general translation skills of short “ Suras” (Qur'anic chapters)……Learn More


Level Two - 2

Above Intermediate Level:

Covers root words in Arabic, Arabic sounds, conjugation of verbs and simple application for each subject to help the learner understand meanings well…….........Learn More


Level Three - 3

Advance Level:

Covers advance Arabic grammar and advance Qur'an translation skills. Additional focus is put on reading segments…....Learn More



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Welcome to Your Arabic Study Circle

You might be surprised of how many ARABIC alphabet sounds you already know and use in your everyday spoken English language!! So let’s study together Arabic Language in simple A-Z English…….

There are many Arabic dialects. Our learners are welcome to study Qur'anic or Classic Arabic to improve their understanding of the Holly Qur'an and the traditional Islamic text.

Last but not least, we urge any learner to practice his/her new language in daily life to obtain the fruit of their knowledge. Prepare to join our team because you came to the right place!

Free Arabic Language Courses Offered:



We are proud of what our students say:

",,,,,, I am very pleased I started Level Zero Arabic Course. It helped me know the alphabet and how to pronounce it correctly. Not only did I learn how to say and read the Arabic alphabet, I learned Arabic words and a new Surah. By the end of the course I was slowly reading the Quran and saying the new surah in my Prayer. In shaa Allah, I will be attending all other levels of the Arabic courses. Thank you – Shukraan" …… (Ashley Hagan Mohamed, United States - Student of Level 0 - 2015).

“Al Hamdulillah, the “Level 0” class was very rewarding for me. I am so grateful to Allah (SWT) for blessing me to attend this class which has enabled me to recognize and understand the Arabic alphabets in a simple yet effective standpoint.” …… (Alima Ahmad, India - Student of Level 0 – 2014).

“It has been a wonderful learning experience for me at Level 0 & Level 1. These classes have started to build my foundation and I got the much needed kick to start to understand Qur'anic Arabic. MashaAllah the teachers are blessed with effective teaching skills and are patient at the same time. The slides are structured and designed in the best possible manner, that a novice like me has grasped it very well. Being benefited a lot after successful completion of these levels, I wish to attend your successive level.” …… (Asif Rasheed, India – Student of both Level 0 & Level 1 – 2014).

"As a new revert this class has been a blessing! Our local area has no classes for beginning adults. The materials for instruction are clear, simple and easy to learn." Jazakum Allah Khair!"  ...... (Helen, USA – Student of Level 0 – 2010).

"It's a good  platform to learn Arabic with excellent teaching staff with tremendous teaching skills. Great job." ..... (Ansari, Canada – Student of Level 1 – 2010).

“The best opportunity for all Muslims worldwide to learn Arabic, (the language of Allah SWT) effortlessly. I have achieved easily, so do you all. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.” ...... (Farjana Banu, Singapore – Student of Level 2 – 2010).

"The teachers are wonderful and they make sure that all the students understand the class material properly and they also keep the students motivated to learn.  I love this website!".....(Elizabeth C., USA - Student of Level 0 - 2009).

"This language course uses an intuitive approach and is taught by native Arab linguists who are fluent in  English. The instructors are easy to interact with and one can lay a solid basic foundation." ..... (Faris, Texas, USA - Student of Level 0 - 2008).

“My "Level 0" class was awesome.  It was the beginning of a good foundation, and my teacher was very kind, patient, engaging and encouraging!  I enjoyed it right up to the very end!!! and would highly recommend it to others!” ..... (Shakeerah, USA – Student of Level 0 – 2008).

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